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Next concert of the Choir of the University of Le Mans:
Christmass concert with string orchestra and piano, Friday 17th December 2021, 8:30pm, church of Loué (Sarthe, France)
with "pass sanitaire" (health pass) and mask compulsory for those above 11 y.o.
Singing workshop (male choir and women choir) will be organized as usual. We are juste waiting a little bit, in order to see how the health situation evolves.

new Workshop in July 2022 for mixed choir (from 11th to 15th) : Music of Renaissance and of 20th/21st century - Music of the East.

new One voice per part workshop.

Concert du Choeur de l'Université du Mans, samedi 2 octobre 2021 ; église de Vivoin (Sarthe, France) - direction Evelyne Béché Concert du Choeur de l'Université du Mans, samedi 21 mars 2020, église de Challes, direction Evelyne Béché - choeur d'hommes Concert de Noel du Choeur de l'Université du Mans, samedi 21 décembre 2019, Neuville-sur-Sarthe (Sarthe, France) - direction Evelyne Béchéconcerts Coro-Favorito dirigés par Evelyne Béché, piano Catherine Kwon - octobre 2019Requiem for the Living - Dan Forrest - Concert du Choeur de l'Université du Mans avec orchestre, dirigés par Evelyne Béché, 19 octobre 2019, Eglise St-Liboire, Le Mans affiche Concert du Choeur de l'Université du Mans dirigé par Evelyne Béché, piano Dimitri Negrimovski, violoncelle Olivier Ledru. 22 juin 2019, église Ste-Thérèse, Le Mans Choeur de l'Université du Mans et Coro-Favorito samedi 18 mai 2019, grande chapelle de la communauté des soeurs de la Providence, Ruille-sur-Loir (Sarthe, France). Direction Evelyne Béché, piano Dimitri Negrimovski et Catherine Kwon   Vocal Group Amabile conducted by Evelyne Béché - Ensemble Vocal Amabile dirigé par Evelyne Béché - Le Mans - Sarthe - Chant choral badge facebook - choeur de l'université du Mans

 The Vocal Group Amabile recruit!!! 16 singers who know sol-fa - contact.

The CD of Misatango (M. Palmeri) is brought out.  
    jaquette CD Misatango_Martin-Palmeri

Concert of the Choir of the University of Le Mans, Saturday 2nd October 2021, church of Vivoin, 8:30pm (Sarthe, France)... Concerts Mozart, Thursday 14th October at 08:30pm, church St-Aspais of Melun and Sunday 24th October at 05:00pm, Cathedral St-Etienne of Sens... Dates for malechoir and womenchoir workshops coming soon...

Excerpt of the Credo of the Misatango by Martín Palmeri. Concert of 23rd May 2015 at abbey of Epau (Sarthe, France). Choir of the University of Maine, Choir Emichante of the Intercommunal Music School of Saint-Calais (EMI), string quintet of EMI, Wolfgang Weniger at the bandoneon, Martín Palmeri at the piano. Soprano: Christelle Brault. Conducted by Evelyne Béché.

More on the Choir of the Universty of Maine and choir Emichante at Carnegie Hall in January 2015:

Choirmaster, conductor
Confutatis - Requiem (K. Jenkins).

Excerpt of concert at Abbey of Epau (Le Mans, France), 07/06/2014. 

Choir of the University of Maine et orchestra.

Divertimento K.136 in D minor, presto (W.A. Mozart)

Excerpt of concert at Abbey of Epau 07/06/2014.

Mass of the Armed Man (Jenkins) here.
Messa di Gloria
(Puccini) here
. Misatango (Palmeri) here. Ein Deutches Requiem (Brahms) here. Music movies here.
Rehearsal e
xcerpts here  and  here. Veni Domine (F. Mendelssohn) here. Choral singing workshop at Priory of Vivoin here.
News report on LM TV Sarthe -  here
Missa Katharina (J. de Haan).

Excerpt of concert at abbey of Epau (France), 30/05/2014.

Flower duett (L. Delibes)

Excerpt of concert at Fay (France), 29/01/2011. With Manon Moulin Béché

Ave Maria (G. Caccini) and Les chemins de l'amour (F. Poulenc) here.
Surrexit Pastor Bonus, duett (F. Mendelssohn) here.
Clair de lune (G. Fauré) and Sérénade italienne (E. Chausson) here.
Les berceaux (G. Fauré here. Panis angelicus (C. Franck) here.
Missa Katharina (J. de Haan) here  .
Professor of saxophone
private lessons here.
Muppet show.

Saxophone quartet of EMI with Vianney, Théo and Mathilde.
Excerpts of a Cagou's concert at Sainte-Sabine-sur-Longève (Sarthe, France), 27/06/2010
Other videos here.
Singing master, professor of vocal technique
private lessons here.
Qui peut faire de la voile sans vent (traditionnal).

Excerpt of a rehearsal of the children choir "Les Cagou's" 27/04/2010.

Other videos

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